You could test your fortune with your lucky chip at these girls, and win discount on your shopping.

The new Home shopping concept. No dragging needed!

Yesterday night was the exciting preview and celebration of the new H&M on dam square. I was amazed by all the beautiful people, the huge store and the perfect decoration, as you can see in the many shots I took.
It all started with a projected movie on the building that ended in the image on the top. A big red bow around the building. Then we entered the store and got a preview shopping night with a lovely discount. The best surprise was that we got our hands on the Lanvin H&M collection before the actual launch. I'll show you what I got later on.
Good haunting for you guys today!

The new flagship store has is official opening on November 25th. Make sure your the first one in the row and you may win a coupon!



Always nice when something like this falls on your door mat. I'm so excited to go to the preview and celebrate the new H&M Flagship store on dam square this monday. Only question is..what to wear?



My boy just made my day with this silly - but oh so sweet - bouquet of roses. I think they fit my room just perfectly.



With the web shop of Zara launched this month, we can lurk at our favorite fashion finds 24/7. I found these three bags who all had my name on it. Perfect fall colors and the size to stuck all my stuff in. Good thing the holidays are coming up. Did you find any favorites at the Zara online store all ready?




My mood of the day. Hope you like it..
Love M.



Some things don't need an explanation, they are simply pleasure for the eyes.



The minute I saw this cutie passing by my screen on the Sartorialist blog, I just had to share it with you guys. This has to be our Fashion Future.


DDW | Inspiring design

CONNECT. The name of the designs by Eefiene Bolhuis, shown at the Dutch Design Week 2010. I was captured by the way she was able to construct different materials into one, and translate it to fashion. Brass nuts and bolts connect several layers of fabric within a garment, making needle and thread redundant. These joints construct the garment's shape and become decoration at the same time. This makes 'Connect' a clothing collection that can be worn as a piece of jewelry.

All pictures taking personally for Sheusesthewritingtocoverherscreams©



For all the Dutchies out there; this is going to be our month! Put on your favorite pair of joggers, make yourself a cup of hot chocolate and cuddle up your couch because it is 'Fashion month' on AVRO(a dutch TV channel). This means from exactly this night on, a giant line-up of fashion films, documentary's, backstage reports and everything else you always wanted to see and this is the perfect opportunity. I all ready put my favorites on the line and I'm definitely going to watch , which are your favorites?

Tonight it starts at 23.05 | 'Berlin, fashion behind the wall.'
13 november | 'Dior, the man behind the myth.'
20 november | 'Sonia Rykiel, the day before'
27 november | Marc Jacobs documentary

Check out the full schedule here.



Inspired by the interior of the design duo James Plumb from London. This sneak peek into the house of two amazing collectors that don't throw away anything. James Russel and Hannah Plumb live in the perfect combination of 'something old, something new'. Every item tells a story on its own..


UNTOUCHED | Piet Hein Eek Store

Some of the pictures I shot at the amazing new concept store of the dutch designer Piet Hein Eek. I wandered around in the store -which was like an old industrial factory- together with my camera for more than an hour and forgot all about time and space. I was totally taken by everything beautiful I saw, which was exactly what I refer to pure beauty. Rough, untouched and imperfect. Things picked up along the way by the designer, transformed into something amazing. Piet Hein Eek got famous for his interior of scrap wood. In this concept store the reliable, honest and retro style of that same wood and way of design was taken to the next level with all kind of new products.

All pictures taking personally for Sheusesthewritingtocoverherscreams©