'A Shoe Moment'

The end of all fashion weeks don't only mean new clothing collections, but also new and spectacular footwear. When the designers have to minimize on the clothing on behalf of the crisis, they seem to give extra attention to the jewels at our feet. Interesting footwear isn't only to be seen on the catwalk, but even that much on the streets outside fashion week, where tout le mode shows it off. Streetcouture is catching up and ready for the battle.

Edgy, arty, ethnic, and the most I-want-that-one! pairs are coming by in a minute.

Watch and enjoy..which ones are coming on your wish list?

Nice and girly with bones and little flowers at Miu Miu

Geometric block game at Balenciaga. For the arty people.

Lady in red ad Givenchy. Great texture.

Innovative shapes at young Dutch designer Jan Taminiau. Love them!

Yves Saint Laurent goes for a basic heel with fringes. The heel is gorgeous but the fringes not so much.

Furry winterboots at Maison Chanel. I adore Chanel but unfortunately not these boots..wonder what Karl was thinking..

Fabulous black heels. Trend notice: heels as thin as a pencil.

I the wedge heel. Superrnice boots!

Great combinations of materials and textures. Love the wooden sole.

Hihih :)

Amazing! Respect for the girl who's wearing them, I mean I still can't understand how you can walk on a 'heel less' shoe? Lovee the heart shape in it!

Again the super thin heels

Ethnic influences. This way you definitely stand out.

My favourites! Great for a party.


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