Pure passion for wood. This is what I spotted at the Modefabriek 2010, a beautiful exhibition. Wood is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for all kinds of disciplines, such as design, architecture and craftsmanship. This exhibition portrayed wood in its most pure form: plain. It gave the designs a simple and basic vibe, but the results are often very surprising and conceptual. The new generation of designers breathe new life into wood.
Get inspired by these amazing designs.



Check out my interview with the two young bloggers Tess & Sara from fashionblog 'Tesaar'. You can read it here on the Fashiolista blog. And when you are there anyway: check out Fashiolista, register, and install the cute heart button in seconds to be a Fashiolista yourself!

Wedges to love

I had to share these amazing wedges with you. They are from Finsk and were spotted on Andy from famous StyleScrapbook.com. Picture from the Sartorialist.

Choose your destination

Pretty pictures from several websites. Weheartit and more.


COS Window

The window of the beautiful COS store in Den Haag. I love the shoe on the first picture.

Cute little bookmarket

Last week I came across this cute little book market. So honest and sincere, we almost never see it like this anymore.


To be worn with love

I bought this new fabulous trousers from Maison Scotch - La Femme Salon Marie. It was on my wishlist for a really long time and now I finally found the perfect one. It has a taupe color, gold buttons and a brown studded belt. The heritage of the brand is just amazing. The cute little card, little stories sewn into the trousers and quote's like: 'It's tailored for perfect fit' and 'To be worn with love'. It makes me even want to wear it more. Can't wait to show you my perfect fall outfit with these..

COS Moment

Every time I visit Den Haag I have to go to the COS store. The beautiful swedish brand famous for it's high quality fashion. The fabrics are always amazing and you can find your perfect basics here. Here are some pretty campaign pictures and my COS Moment. I bought a nice metal look bracelet and a supercute striped(It's hard to let an old friend go..) jumper with elbow pads.