'I believe true beauty is in little things, details, imperfection. Just the perfect shot. You have to train your brain, eyes and physical mind to have the capability to capture these moments. Beauty isn't perfect.'


Last week I did an amazing inspiring interview for the Fashiolista blog. I got to speak with the busy girl behind the blog Thirsty Thought. She has, at very young age, a successful career in fashion and is an inspiration for many. Make sure you read this one on blog.fashiolista.com and let me know what you think!


United Nude

Our team of Fashiolista's went to the United Nude party, to take a look at the amazing pair of shoes they had designed in collaboration with dutch designer Iris van Herpen. At the first picture you see the result in ivory. I all ready spotted her black 'twin sister' on fashion week, but another close peek at this amazing piece of Shoe Art couldn't hurt.

Besides this, we off course also checked out United Nude's newest A/W collection. Yet again, architectural design and lining to die for. No surprise with an architect as Rem Koolhaas in the design team.

Take a look at the snapshots I took at this lovely evening.


'You give me Butterflies'

Yesterday one of my favorite Dutch designers showed his new collection. And lucky me got to be there to do a report for the Fashiolista blog. Claes Iversen showed his S/S 2011 collection this past 7th of September for an intimate crowd in Amsterdam. The collection, literally, 'gave me butterflies'. That is also were the collection finds its inspiration. The passage of time, beauty and fragility in which the butterfly is the main inspiration and metaphor.

With this collection Claes 'got me again' with the combination of classic elements and modern femininity. I would simply wear almost every thing of it.

You can see a kind of beauty that endures ephemerality. Pure eye candy...

Pictures by Peter Stigter and Spice PR