Poetical Essay

I Love you, Isn't that enough? I think your my soulmate. We are the same. We are opposites. Are we twins? Do you believe in love at first sight. Perfect love. Perfect hate. Truth or dare. Love is just a game. Do you wanna play with me? Child play. Boardgames. Gambling. Russian Roulette. Life's dangerous.

The world is turning. My head is spinning. Dizzy. Carrousel. Horses. Animals. Aren't we all just animals? Fight for your right. Eat. Drink. Sleep. Survive. The hard way. Say what you wanna say. No lies. No theater. No dressing up. Life's real. No kidding. No jokes. Are you joking with me? Serious. The real life. Surviving. Adventure. Mountains. Rocks. Stone. Tear apart. Break up. Make a difference. No fear.

Mistakes. Weaknesses. Strong. Power. Electricity. Shock. Change. Difference. Can we make a difference? Distance. Far. Close. Road. Long. Highway. Road trip. Vacation. Summer holiday. Beach. Sunshine. Happiness. Smiles. Children. Mothers. Giving birth. Pain. Blood. Life hurts sometimes.

♡ the shoes



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'Ode to Kate'

Kate Moss by Corinne Day published in The Face 1990.


Inspiring Quote

The past is what binds us, the future leads us_
Maison Martin Margiela


Inspiring design: Book table

Book Table by Richard Hutten.