Sandra Backlund

Great innovative designer Sandra Backlund from Sweden. She uses new materials like paper, hair, clothespins and knitting in a totally different perspective. Everything is used as sculptural materials and put into amazing 3D designs. Her starting point is the human body and the handcraft process is very important. 'It's a freedom to make your own fabric while working'. She experiments a lot with different materials and techniques but it are her three-dimensional collage knittings that are the most significant.
Sandra Backlund's Spring/Summer 2010 collection is the first one to go into production.

Slow dancing on a heard beat..
Ice-cream in the winter..
Cupcakes when on diet..
Sunglasses on a cloudy day..
Reading the paper backwards..
Kissing in the subway..
Being awake at night..
Singing out loud..
Desert before starter..
Scream I Love You



'The Wooden Shoe'

Clogs make this season their true entrance in fashion. We see them several times in different versions. Viktor & Rolf introduced the Wooden shoe in their 2007-2008 fall collection inspired on the Dutch traditional costume. Now many designers have made their own version of the shoe. It's the 'Farm of the future'.

Viktor & Rolf 2007-2008

Louis Vuitton 2010

Celine 2010

Chanel 2010

Coachella Festival 2010

The kick off of the Festival season has officially started with the famous Coachella Festival in California. Who where there? And what were they wearing.
Get some inspiration for your own festival summerlooks. Can't wait for summer to come..


Fashion for charity

Charity is hot. Show your good heart, and give something back to the ones with less. Social security and good for your Karma too. This is also arriving fashion more and more.

Fashion designer Rodarte designed 4 dresses for Unicef, with as inspiration the actress Maggie Cheung.

Kate Moss is posing in a dress of recycled mosquito net. This unique design is made by designer William Tempest, a very promising fashion designer from London. This piece is auctioned, in hope to collect money for the fight against Malaria.

Sneak peek Berlin

I went to Berlin for a couple of days and the streetculture there is just awesome. It's a great place for vintage, design and bio. Again another city who took my heart... Take this sneak peek and sniff some of Berlin's authenticity.

Style icon and queen of androgyne Marlene Dietrich


Street art in Berlin is a culture on it's own.

Love polaroidpics

Gallery from a Dutch guy with illustration art. Very innovative and nice.

This is exactly a soft seat!

Fantastic bags at a design store called Berlinomat.

Still working, I tested it! Great black and white pics.