Do you already know Fashiolista?
I can promise you it's your newest fashion addiction. It's a social fashion community where you can add every item on the internet to your personal style list. So instead of spending hours and hours in all the thousand of web shops, you van easily create your own little wishlist full of pretty items. Then give 'love' to items you like and follow people with style. And off course you can be followed and loved too, so again another we to inspire and be inspired. Every item is handpicked by fashiolista members. I guess we can say Fashiolista makes sense in the fashion jungle of online shopping.
And since I'm gonna be a special ambassador and blogger for the website, you can also follow my blogs up there. Go check it out and make your own personal style profile at Fashiolista.com.

oh and PS: The 'cute little heart button' is very addictive..

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