You could test your fortune with your lucky chip at these girls, and win discount on your shopping.

The new Home shopping concept. No dragging needed!

Yesterday night was the exciting preview and celebration of the new H&M on dam square. I was amazed by all the beautiful people, the huge store and the perfect decoration, as you can see in the many shots I took.
It all started with a projected movie on the building that ended in the image on the top. A big red bow around the building. Then we entered the store and got a preview shopping night with a lovely discount. The best surprise was that we got our hands on the Lanvin H&M collection before the actual launch. I'll show you what I got later on.
Good haunting for you guys today!

The new flagship store has is official opening on November 25th. Make sure your the first one in the row and you may win a coupon!

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  1. Looks nice!! Ik ga donderdag even kijkje nemen..
    Leuke blog ook!